Dororo Anime Season 1 Full Episodes

A father in pursuit of power gives parts of his new-born son to a host of demons. Years later, the son battles those demons to regain what is rightfully his.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Source: IMDB

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Episodes: 24 (List of episodes)
Studio: Tezuka_Productions, MAPPA
Seasons: 1 (Number of seasons)
Type: TV
Director: Furuhashi, Kazuhiro
Copyrights: Tezuka

 Subbed Episode 1 ‘The Story of Daigo’

Dororo, a young thief, is intrigued by Hyakkimaru’s monster hunting and begins to follow him.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 2 ‘The Story of Bandai’

Dororo arranges a monster hunt in a troubled village but all is not as it seems.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 3 ‘The Story of Jukai’

Baby Hyakkimaru is saved by a doctor who prepares him for his future life.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 4 ‘The story of the cursed sword’

Dororo and Hyakkimaru come face to face with Tanosuke the Slaughterer, who wields a cursed sword in which a demon dwells. Hyakkimaru narrowly manages to repel Tanosuke, but the demon blade falls into Dororo’s hands and begins to take control of him.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 5 ‘The story of the Moriki Song, part 1’

Struggling to adapt to an unfamiliar world of “sound”, Hyakkimaru is injured in a fight with a ghoul. He is taken in and nursed by a girl named Mio, who looks after children orphaned by war. However, after becoming aware of a demon nearby, Hyakkimaru heads out to fight it before he is fully recovered.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 6 ‘The story of the Moriki Song, part 2’

Hyakkimaru has regained his voice from the devil god, but one leg was stolen from him. After returning to the deserted temple and having his wounds taken care of, he again goes into battle with the demon. Meanwhile, in the abandoned temple where Mio and the children are waiting .

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 7 ‘The Story of Jorogumo silk spider’

The spider-like ghoul Jorogumo is wounded by Hyakkimaru. To heal itself, it transforms into a woman and takes advantage of the hospitality of a young man named Yajiro. Having let Jorogumo slip through their fingers, Dororo and Hyakkimaru stop at a village where they hear rumors of a kidnapper at large.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 8 ‘The Story of Saru’

At a certain village, young girls are offered up as ritual sacrifices to appease a giant centipede demon that appears shrouded in black clouds. Hyakkimaru and Dororo team up with Saru, a boy whose older sister has been offered as a sacrifice, and together they confront the demon.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 9 ‘The Story of the mercilessness’

After getting his sense of smell back, Hyakkimaru starts experimenting on different things, during that time dororo fell ill and we get to know about the past life of dororo and a happy ending.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 10 ‘The Story of Tahomaru’

A village within Daigo’s domain is being terrorized by a ghoul that dwells in a nearby lake. Tahomaru, accompanied by his aides Hyogo and Mutsu, volunteers to exterminate the ghoul.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 11 ‘The story of Banmon, part 1’

After entering Lord Diago’s domain, Dororo and Hyakkimaru hear tales of Banmon, the huge wall that is the last remnant of a fort that once stood on the border. Hyakkimaru squares off against the fox demon that haunts the wall.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 12 ‘The story of Banmon, part 2’

Kagemitsu, who offered up his own son to the demons. Hyakkimaru, who is trying to get back the body parts that were taken from him. As if drawn together by fate, they face each other.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 13 ‘The story of the Blank-faced Buddha’

Having left Daigo’s domain, Dororo finds a statue of Fudo, one of the wisdom gods. But the statue is actually a demon that is harvesting humans’ faces in an attempt to find one for itself.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 14 ‘The story of Sabame’

Dororo and Hyakkimaru come across an abandoned, burnt-out temple, where they meet a man named Sabame who rules the surrounding area. Sabame invites the two of them to his residence and tells them the story behind the burnt-out temple and the ghoul that haunts it. However, Dororo and Hyakkimaru suspect that he might not be telling the truth.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 15 ‘The story of the scene from hell’

Sabame has been feeding people to the demons to protect the village over which he rules. As Hyakkimaru once again confronts the demon moths, Dororo gets trapped in a storehouse.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 16 ‘The story of Shiranui’

Dororo has been captured by Itachi and is being taken to the cape where Hibukuro supposedly hid the money. As Itachi and his men look for boats to get across to the cape, they are approached by a one-armed boy named Shiranui.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 17 ‘The story of questions and answers

Jukai is reunited with a bloodied Hyakkimaru at the site of a recent battle, and finds out the truth of how Hyakkimaru and the demons are connected. Hyakkimaru asks Jukai for a new prosthetic leg, but…

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 18 ‘The story of the cape of no mercy’

The shark demon lets out a roar and attacks Dororo, who is tied up and unable to move. Meanwhile, a troop of soldiers commanded by Tahomaru is also approaching the cape.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 19 ‘The story of the Amanojaku’

To fix Hyakkimaru’s broken sword, he and Dororo travel to a village where a master swordmaker named Munetsuna lives. Upon arriving at Munetsuna’s house, they are met by his daughter Okowa.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 20 ‘The story of the Nue’

After Hyakkimaru makes his swords fixed, he and Dororo continue their search for demons. While they were walking up mountains, they meet with Saburota whose mother was eaten by the demon, Nue.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 21 ‘The story of breaking the cycle of suffering’

Asakura forces prepares to attack Daigo’s land. Meantime, to obtain his organs, Hyakkumaru determinedly makes his way to there. Tahomaru wants to stop and defeat his brother and their paths cross again.

Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 22 ‘The story of Nui’

Nui, the mother of Hayakkimaru and Tahomaru, leaves the castle with Dororo to find and help her sons. Along the way, she sees the way the common people live and comes to a greater understanding of her position in the world.
Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 23 ‘The story of the demons’

Hyakkimaru fights Tahomaru to regain possession of his eyes. Their mother, assorted villagers, Dororo and the old blind priest stand around and wax philosophical.
Source: IMDB

 Subbed Episode 24 ‘Dororo and Hyakkimaru’

Daigo’s castle is engulfed in flames. Within, two brothers by blood are at the mercy of fate. Dororo, Jukai and Lady Nui also head for the castle, each with their own thoughts weighing down upon their hearts. For a life that began with a silenced cry, where will the path of destiny lead?
Source: IMDB
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