Fruits Basket Season 2
Fruits Basket Season 2

Fruits Basket Season 2 2020  Introduction


A year has passed since Tooru Honda began living in the Souma residence, and she has since created stronger relationships with its inhabitants Shigure, Kyou, and Yuki. She has also grown closer to the rest of the Souma family and has become familiar with their ancestral secret, having helped them with many of their personal issues. The closer Tooru gets, however, the more she begins to realize that their secret holds a darker truth than she first presumed.

Summer is approaching and Tooru is invited to spend her days with the Soumas, mainly Kyou and Yuki. Tooru wishes for an easy-going vacation, but her close relationships with the two boys and the rest of the Soumas may prove to cause trouble. As they grow more intimate, their carefree time together is hindered by older hardships and feelings from the past that begin to resurface. The Eternal Banquet also dawns on the members of the zodiac, and they must tend to their duties alongside the unnerving head of the family, Akito Souma.

With the banquet approaching and a plethora of feelings to be solved, will Tooru’s life with the Soumas remain peaceful, or will she find herself in a situation from which she cannot escape?

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Fruits Basket Season 2 Information

Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2020, to?
Premiered: Spring 2020
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 01:30 (JST)
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: TMS Entertainment
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Duration: 23 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synonyms: Fruits Basket (2019) 2nd Season, Furuba, Fruits Basket (Zenpen)
Japanese: フルーツバスケット 2nd season

Fruits Basket Season 2 Poster

Fruits Basket Season 2

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode List


















Fruits Basket Season 2 Full Episodes Summary

Episode 1 ‘Hello Again’

Motoko continues to fawn over Yuki from afar as he meets Kakeru Manabe and Machi Kuragi, an odd pair with quirky habits.

Episode 2 ‘Eat Somen with Your Friends’

The students need to submit their career plan forms before summer break begins, but thought of the future brings a wave of anxiety along with it.

Episode 3 ‘Shall We Go and Get You Changed?’

After Ayame drops by Shigure’s house, Yuki decides to visit Ayame’s shop for the first time together with Tohru.

Episode 3 ‘I Got Dumped…’

The students in class 2-D plan for their upcoming school trip. Meanwhile, Hatsuharu goes on a rampage, but nobody knows why.

Episode 4 ‘Wait for Me, Tororo Soba!’

Summer break has started and Tohru and the crew have some fun at the department store. Then, Uotani meets someone who reminds her of Tohru at work.

Episode 5 ‘Wait for Me, Tororo Soba!’

Summer break has started and Tohru and the crew have some fun at the department store. Then, Uotani meets someone who reminds her of Tohru at work.

Episode 6 ‘Are You Really This Stupid?’

Momiji convinces Tohru to join the Somas at their vacation house by the ocean for some fun in the sun.

Episode 7 ‘Let’s Start the Watermelon Splitting Contest!’

During their stay at the vacation house, Tohru and the Somas get exciting news and surprise visitors.

Episode 8 ‘Well, It’s True’

Isuzu leaves Kagura’s house without explanation. At the same time, Akito is now at the vacation house. What is Akito planning?

Episode 9 ‘My Precious…’

Kyo is summoned to join Akito at the annex along with the other zodiac members. How will Kyo cope with meeting Akito?

Episode 10 ‘Who Are You?’

What’s better than winding down the summer with some fireworks? Tohru and the Somas plan to do just that as their trip comes to a close.

Episode 11 ‘All Mine’

Tohru and the Somas return from their trip and Kagura invites Kyo on a date for some serious talk.

Episode 12 ‘You Cried for Me’

Mayuko goes down memory lane after getting a few visitors at her family bookstore.

Episode 13 ’13’

The new term starts and Yuki takes on his duties as the student council president.

Episode 14 ‘I Should Just Die…’

A family emergency comes up for Tohru, and Yuki starts to realize why Rin acts the way she does.

Episode 15 ‘See You Later’

Parent-teacher conferences to discuss career plans are underway, triggering various emotions in the students.

Episode 16 ‘Ask Him For Me’

Tohru takes it upon herself to venture into the Soma Estate where she meets someone unexpected.

Episode 17 ‘You Will, I’m Sure of It’

Tohru and her classmates are in Kyoto for their school trip to create some lifelong memories.

Episode 18 ’18’

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